Woman Bodyshamed At Apartment Pool For Wearing A So-Called “Inappropriate” One Piece

Body-shaming has become the in-thing to do. Those who live in a particular apartment complex in Seymour, Tennessee know this to be true. Tori Jenkins was the latest victim of body-shaming. She picked out a 1-piece swim suit, and within minutes she was the object of ridicule. You won’t believe what she was accused of.

Fox News

Leasing an apartment at Smoky Crossing Apartments caused Tori Jenkins shame and shock! She was forced to wear either shorts, a different swimsuit, or leave the pool after being told she was wearing a thong bathing suit rather than a one piece. They paid almost $1,000 in rent plus the $300 pool maintenance fee, and she was turned away. They were told that people were complaining about her appearance after mere minutes of her arrival at the pool.

The apartment’s leasing consultant discussed the situation with Tori Jenkins. The leasing consultant insisted that Tori submit to having her picture taken in her swimwear. The consultant told her to “look in a mirror” and realize “how inappropriate” her swimwear really was!