This Website Will Pay For Your Travel To Anywhere In The World If You’re Willing To Petsit

You know what two favorite things of mine are? Dogs and vacations. In fact, if I could more often travel for vacations with my dog, well I’d die happy. Unfortunately, I can’t always be side by side to my best friend in the entire world and reason for my existence.

Bored Panda

So! I looked into it and there is in fact a way I can actually remain around four legged loveable beings and go on vacation AND get free lodging. I truly regret not having found this out sooner, I mean petsitting the neighbor’s dog is one thing but petsitting in Fiji?! Or Paris?! That’s something totally different.

Luckily, there are people out there smarter than I (me?)! Because someone thought of that idea already! Seriously, this site will connect you with someone in whatever country you want to fly to, that needs petsitting services in exchange for accommodations!

Bored Panda