Teen Visits Her Father’s Grave On Prom Night And Gets The Surprise Of Her Life

Being a police officer is really complicated these days. On the one hand a large percent of the population still looks at the force as public defenders. On the other hand a lot of people feel they can’t trust police officers to make the right call these days.

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The truth is police officers deal every day with a lot of “gray” issues that essentially make making tough calls- well very tough. Whatever your feelings are about police officers there is one universal truth that still holds true to the badge- once you become a cop you are voluntarily putting your life on the line and that deserves a lot of respect.

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Many cops are family men and these families don’t have it any easier. Especially the young children of police officers, unfortunately sometimes the worst happens and a loved one is lost in the line of duty. Sierra is a teenager who has dealt with the death of her father Officer Lee Bradway since 2013. On her prom night she decided to stop by her father’s grave and but she didn’t expect to see a number of unexpected guests.

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