Princess Diana’s Niece Is All Grown Up And Looks Exactly Like Her Late Aunt

We all know the story of the late Princess of Wales Diana. The embodiment of a new kind of royalty the likes England hadn’t seen since it’s current queen, Queen Elizabeth II. When Diana married the queen’s son, Prince Charles, she became a national symbol.

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Everyone loved her, she was kind, beautiful, and had a smile that could warm the coldest hearts. The world mourned her death, especially her family the Spencer’s. See, before Diana was Princess of Wales she was known as Diana Frances Spencer, and was the fourth child of John Spencer, a Viscount.


The royal family was well publicized following the death of Diana and her two sons are well on their way to make a family of their very own. Not too far behind are their cousins on their mother’s side, the Spencer’s. The family of Diana’s younger brother who gave birth to 4 children, one of them whom is the spitting image of Diana.

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