Police Are Called To School To Find Blood Dripping Down Dog’s Chest, Immediately Realize What Transpired

I hate to report on tragedies involving children and dogs but alas, here I am because stories like this make a good point on a much debated topic. Are pitbulls natural born killers?


On one hand you have to make the argument that they are animals, and like most animals, they have a hunt or be hunted instinct. You could also say that a dog is a reflection of it’s owner. Any dog that has been mistreated by a human is likely to hate us all and therefore have animosity towards our race.

Dog Time

Dogs have a brain the size of a peanut, so do they really know what they are doing or acting upon an instinct to kill that is intact with their DNA? The truth is both sides are right. Sadly, a family from Atlanta had to bear witness to these truths, when a tragic incident involving a pitbull ended their 6 old’s life.