Photographer With Terrible Insomnia Captured Central Park After Hours And Completely Abandoned

Manhattan, New York is the home to the historic landmark also known as Central Park. It is one of New Yorkโ€™s most visited spots and it spreads far and wide through the neighborhood. Actually, about 25 million people visit the park a year.

Time Out

There are very rare moments when the park isnโ€™t completely busy or overpopulated. Every time I see a movie scene that has been shot at Central Park I imagine the number precautions that had to be taken to find one solitary area in the 843 acres of land.

Central Park Tours

The park does have a set time of visiting hours and they cater to just about anyone, from 6:00-1:00 am. You could spend your entire day there and not recognize a soul/finish seeing the whole thing. However, one man has defeated those odds and took on the park during the only time that it was uninhabited, late late at night.