Neighbor Finds What This Horrible Woman Did To Two Dogs And She Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes

Why do we get dogs? Most of us usually do so for the companionship or their services to any disability we may have. Dogs are wonderfully loyal animals who believe their sole purpose on this Earth is to serve us and play with us. They literally expect nothing more than the ultimate basic compassion.


Unfortunately, some human beings are born with one disability that not even a dog can help- a lack of compassion. It sounds like something out of a comic book or fairy tale but there are truly villainous people out there who don’t have a kind bone in their body and sadly for canines, these people get off on harming them.

Whether it’s dog fights, dog breeding, or just for the hell of it, these pathetic excuse of human beings that are among us today try to get away from justice all too often. Well once Emily Jarell from West Virginia noticed what her neighbor was doing to these two poor pups, she decided no one was getting away with it.

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