Nasa Took A Photo Of Alien Life On Mars And The Internet Is LOSING IT

Since 2009, scientists, conspiracy theorists, and nerds alike have been fascinated with the idea of life on Mars [also Matt Damon]. And thanks to The Space Agency’s fact-finding, Mars Exploration Rover [Curiosity] we have been able to look at images of the planet that have been beamed back since 2003 and what they found was very, very exciting…


The latest capture of Mars is stirring a lot of controversies thanks to a post on Reddit [I.e. the mecca for alien knowledge] and no idea is off the table. NASA has already confirmed there is life on Mars because they sent it there..


Wait what? You heard that correctly. I need to take a minute. Does this mean we have been in contact with alien life?! ARE WE ALL GOING TO MOVE TO MARS?! How would mail work? Talk about snail mail – it would take forever…