Mom Destroys Principal In A Letter After Giving Her Daughter A “Dress Code Violation” And It’s Going Viral

It’s an upside down world we live in today folks. A lot of society’s rules are bent and broken depending on gender. In this specific article I am referring to dress codes. We see a double standard to this rule a ton during the summer season.

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The weather gets hot, humidity rises, people want to get a little more color, therefore we dress with a lot less clothing. Nobody likes to be sweaty in a pair of tight jeans- nobody. And armpit sweat stains are embarrassing to some degree. So what do we do? We adjust. Our pants and sleeves get shorter, but men have an advantage.

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They aren’t discriminated against for moderating their clothing to fit the temperature. However, women are constantly told what’s appropriate and what’s not even if it’s burning hot outside. A young girl went to school with shorts that her mother deemed appropriate for her school and the weather outside, but you won’t believe what happened when her principal sent her home early for her attire.