Soldier Thinks He’s Skyping With His Pregnant Wife And Ellen, But He’s In For The Biggest Surprise Of His Life

As you probably know, Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to surprising people with incredible and generous gifts on her show. You also probably know, if you are an Ellen fan (and who isn’t?) that she has had a lot of military people on her show…

She has a heart for those in the military and their families, which is why she asked this couple and their children to be on her show. They were all simply excited just to be on Ellen…they had no idea the surprise she had waiting for them.

At the time of the filming of this show, Vania Ferreira’s husband named Rob was deployed. He was a 1st Lt. Officer in the Air Force. Ellen decided to make it easier for them to communicate, so they could both be on the show…here is what happened!