The Cast Of Jersey Shore Reunited For Sammi Sweetheart’s Birthday And You Will Not Recognize Them

Reality TV has always been trash TV but there was an exception in recent years that hypnotized us all to watch trash TV. It was December 2009 when we were introduced to The Jersey Shore. Not quite like the fan favorite The Real World, The Jersey Shore was different, eight kids from not so different walks of life auditioned to spend their entire summer with complete strangers.

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They all lived by each other in neighborhoods throughout Jersey but they didn’t really know each other. Except of course BFF duo from season 3, Deena and Snooki. When the show ended we were left with no reality TV show quite like it. The stars themselves also were left sort of wondering what to do next. They had built this little family, gained world wide fame, and then it was all gone.

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Nearly a decade later The Jersey Shore cast are still friends, some closer than others. The cast recently reunited for Sammi Sweetheart’s 30th birthday. Although a few familiar faces were missing from the invite list…