Italy Is Giving Away Castles For Free And We Know How You Can Get One

Italy is a country known for influencing and beginning a lot of today’s civilizations. I mean, one could argue that Rome was where the human civilization thrived the most in ancient times. Now a country of old, Italy is rich in tourism among its ancient cities like the aforementioned Rome, Venice, Florence, Vatican City and Milan.

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Home to the Renaissance, Catholic religion, birthplace to some of history’s most recognized artists, and where one the fashion capitals of the world is located, Italy easily brings in an estimated 48.6 million tourists each year. However, a lot of these tourists are only visiting tiny areas in the vast country. Vatican City alone brings in over 5 million tourists yearly and Venice brings in around 20 million.

Which in turn congests these areas and leaves the rest of the country- empty. So, the government has come up with quite a creative way to bring more visitors to some of the lesser known areas of Italy. They want to gift (completely free) properties such as castles, inns, villas, and more to those willing to comply with only one stipulation.

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