Perfectly Preserved Ancient Human Sacrifices Found 500 Years Later Show The Shocking Tortures They Went Through Before Dying

If you want to hear a bizarre story about human sacrifices from the past, keep reading because this is crazy. While scientists are not only shocked and amazed by how young the mummy looks…they are more shocked by what she appeared to have gone through before she died.


The mummy is 500 years old and was found in Argentina. She defies scientific explanation for two reasons. The two reasons were one… she looks very young and two…she was killed. It is speculated that she was a part of the sacrifice to the gods of the Incan Empire. She was chosen to be the central figure of a sacrifice designed to appease the gods and was selected along with Llullaiillaco Boy and Lightning Girl. These children were approximately five years old. Maiden, the name given to the 500 year old mummy, was chosen to live among the elite of the Incan Empire.

Scientists studied the locks of her hair to determine her diet. They discovered that she had been mainly eating a peasant diet of potatoes, and later she had eaten maize and dried llama meat. Her hair revealed many things because locks of hair had been cut ceremonially. The Maiden and the Incan leaders climbed Mount Llullaiillaco. Mount Llullaiillaco is known for its volcanic activity and it’s said that the volcano could have caused the Maiden’s death…but it didn’t. According to scientists, the volcano would have been an easier death for her. Unfortunately, hers was much more horrific…