Flip Flops Are Actually Horrible For Your Feet And You Should Stop Wearing Them Like, Yesterday

In some parts of the country summer is definitely here. And whether you believe in climate change or not, the truth is that the heat has arrived and we feel like we are all melting. Thus lesser clothing is worn and we adjust. On the feet, the most convenient shoe during the hot season are Flip Flops.

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You know I did the research on this and I was shocked to find- there is scientific research to this. The concept of flip flops dates back to 1,500 B.C. being modernized from sandals to “flip flops” in society around 1960. They’re easy to put on, ok to get wet, and overall super popular in our culture today.

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However, despite it’s completely wide open for air design perfect for summer, flip flops have now been found to be actually quite bad for our feet. I know what you’re thinking… How TF have we been wrong since ANCIENT EGYPT?!?