17 Of The Most Embarrassing Mugshots Ever

When someone snaps a bad picture of me I tend to freak the eff out, truth is we all do from time to time. Pictures are a double edged sword, they can be awesome when capturing moments in time to remember. They really suck when you look 10 pounds heavier and not like yourself at all because someone caught you at a bad angle.


When we were little kids in school lining up for picture day, we didn’t realize that this would be all the practice we’d get for learning our angles. We should have taken more lessons, more pictures, because as an adult it seems like I have lost any “good side” I might have ever had. Luckily, I haven’t taken a school picture since those days of my youth, but some adults (including famous celebrities) have taken what I like to call- adult life school pictures.

Now That’s Nifty

I’m talking mugshots people. No one is exactly lining up for them but considering the arrest rates in the country, well, you could almost say that. Alas, not even celebrities get a pass with a good picture for a mugshot, looking at you Lindsay Lohan, and these people are of no exception. Actually these are probably some of the worst in history, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but mostly you’ll wonder, “WTF were these people doing when they got taken in?”