Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles A Bowling Ball Sized Lump On The Back Of This Man’s Neck And She Was, “Unimpressed.”

Dr. Sandra Lee is an award winning dermatologist who, for some reason, doesn’t have an award she very much deserves: strongest stomach of all time. Dr. Sandra also needs a medal for most reliant gag reflexes. I get the whole blackhead thing, I do, I also enjoy it but some of the ones she encounters are seriously out of this world.

Daily Express

Putting herself in the crossfires of pus and infections, the likes I hope I never have to encounter, is how Dr. Sandra Lee makes BANK. I don’t know her but I’d like to think she gets a little high off of the sight of some of these monstrous infected.

Broadly Vice

And when this specific patient came in with a pillow sized lipoma on the back of his neck it must have been like shooting up heroin for Dr. Sandra Lee. I have never seen anything closer to a second smaller head, but Dr. Sandra Lee handled it like a pro.

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