Brave Domestically Abused Woman Shares The Texts She Used To Get From Her Husband And They Are Terrifying

Domestic abuse is a serious plague that infects numerous couples across the world. Sometimes it can be emotional, physical, or even verbal- abuse can take many forms and it can be hard to recognize.

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Make no mistake, when someone is being told what to do, how to act, and if they comply in fear it is more than likely abuse. There are a lot of ways you can tell if someone is being abused and hiding it, talk to them, most of the time abuse victims just feel like they can’t confide in anyone.

Bored Panda

Any survivor or domestic abuse will tell you the same thing, victims are really good at hiding any proof of their abuse. Which is why survivors have taken it upon themselves to reveal to the public the ways they used to shame themselves into silence. One woman, shared her experience in grave detail, all the way down to the totalitarian texts her ex used to send her.

Bored Panda