Pregnant Dachshund Has Giant Belly, But Rescuers Are Stunned When She Starts Giving Birth

There’s a sort of new epiphany some human beings are having about the way we treat animals. Maybe it started with vegans and vegetarians exposing the dark and cruel ways of the food industry, I can’t really pinpoint it, but thank goodness we for cellphone cameras.


That being said a lot of other animals outside the ones primarily used for the food industry are tortured, malnourished, and outright mistreated. House animals like dogs and cats are also victims of the malice of human beings.


Some people just don’t deserve the love of an animal. The love they so blindly give because of their basic instinct to be obedient and loyal. In the case of this amazing Dachshund, Maria, the owners deserve a very specific kind of hell for what they did to her. Warning, this story is a tear jerker.