Dog The Bounty Hunter Makes A Sad Announcement About His Wife And…

If you think catching criminals is as easy as they make it look on cops, think again. The truth is behind any great criminal hunt there is a lot of help from outside sources that the force calls upon from time to time.

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It sounds like the stuff from movies but bounty hunters are actually still very active and aiding the forces to this day. One very famous bounty hunter has his own TV show on A&E. Well, had.


Duane AKA Dog Chapman and his wife Beth successfully ran an 8 season show on A&E catching fugitives for bail bond companies. They enlisted the whole family into the business and honestly, it is ten times better than cops. But the show has sadly come to an end and it wasnโ€™t because of ratings. But the family drama has continuedโ€ฆ