13 Of The Most Insane, Ratchet Instagram Posts From The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl

Danielle Bregoli has now become a household name. It is a sad day for everyone but alas, the “Cassh Me Ousside, How Bou Dah,” meme is now officially a celebrity. The transition has been an interesting one to witness, also heartbreaking, it sucks to see just how far one stupid comment can take you in life. I’m sure her mom no longer minds her uncontrollably rude attitude anymore with all the money she has gotten from making special appearances, modeling, and of course her merchandise store. We have been watching every move she makes since her first Dr. Phil appearance, (there’s two if you didn’t know), and you gotta give it to her, the b*tch is consistent.

Dr. Phil

She has stayed true to her antics by getting into multiple altercations while traveling from one state to the other with her mom. One at the airport and more recently at a bar “ousside” in Florida. Either this girl is really great at staying in character or she really just is that ratchet. On her Instagram Danielle shows all 6.8 million of her followers all her antics and what she is up to on a day to day basis. This includes a lot of ratchet posts, singing to rap songs, and videos of her sitting in cars holding stacks of money.

Dr. Phil

We went through her entire account, you’re welcome, and picked out what we deemed the most ghetto and ratchet and overall just Danielle-esque posts for your entertainment. Oh did I mention she is getting her own reality TV show? Yeah, so soon you really will be able to see her anyway. How bou dah?

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