Father Gets Call From Kidnapper Who Threatens To Murder His Daughter And What Happened Next Was All Part Of A Huge Scam

There’s a slight division between the millennials of today and the first batch that came out a few years ago. For example, the ones of today have a certain need to post everything about themselves and their lives for the public to see on social media.

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Vlogs, blogs, online journals, this is the new way to express yourself, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. It is awesome to welcome new relationships you found online to your life, that is how people interact now. What I am saying is sometimes a little too much information is shared. If you looked at my social media pages you’d probably know my birthday, dogs names, family names, my mother’s maiden name…etc.

East Idaho News

Point is, you’re a hop and a skip away from guessing my passwords to everything and that is just plain dangerous. There’s a new wave of crime affecting the state of Utah and police investigators suspect they have gotten away with virtual kidnappings due to the amount of information people keep online.