This Woman Got An Ultrasound To Prove She Doesn’t Have Butt Implants

For a couple of decades, if you wanted to get plastic surgery to augment a part of your body, breast implants were the way to go. However, the landscape has shifted over the past couple of years. Butt implants are now all the rage, thanks in part to the many celebrities who have opted to go under the knife in order to accentuate their ass.

Wet Paint

Kim Kardashian is far from the only celebrity who has reportedly gone under the knife to make her posterior more prominent. Many people have speculated that Nicki Minaj has had surgery to enhance her butt, and former Kardashian associate Blac Chyna also apparently had the same procedure done (some people have noted that hers appear to be deflating, which gives a whole new meaning to “pain in the butt”).


Due to the surgery’s sudden surge in popularity, many people are being accused of having butt implants installed- and you don’t even have to be a celebrity to be on the receiving end of that speculation. A woman on Instagram was accused of having some work done, and you won’t believe how far she went to prove the haters wrong.