17 Memes That Will Make Your Sides Hurt If You Are A Teacher

Being a teacher is one of those jobs I compare to being a policeman or a fireman, like that is a really brave soul in there doing that job. Thank goodness for these people because lord knows I could never do it.


Being surrounded by children who depend on your strong sense to command a room, your knowledge, and patience? Nope, I would never last. But that’s why we gotta give teachers more credit you guys. They spend their summer planning the next 9 months out for you and that just sucks.


For them it’s school every day waking up way before their students, and then even just staying at home during the summer is like summer school. In order to get ready for the new school year teachers have to be brave and prepared. The truth of the matter is kids are unpredictable and sometimes you don’t end as positive as you started off. But you have to be able to laugh about it, or else what’s the fun!?