16 Tweets That Only Dog Owners Can Relate To

I find myself saying this all too often nowadays but it becomes more true as the days go by. Dog parents are a lot like kid parents and if those two kinds of people can agree on one thing is that, hilarity ensues sometimes and itโ€™s quite a laugh.


Our pets, much like us, have a unique personality. And given that they canโ€™t speak human language, they do their best to communicate in other manners. Sometimes all it takes is a look. This plays in a huge part to our bonds with dogs and it brings us closer together.

If you are a dog person, owner, or overall just enjoy being around them you know the following tweets to 100% true. And if youโ€™re a cat person reading this thinking itโ€™ll be similar- itโ€™s not. And donโ€™t, cats drool dogs rule!

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