Here’s 13 Films You Had No Idea Snoop Dogg Was In.

One of the busiest stars in the rap industry today is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. You may know him better as Snoop Dogg, or his reggae alter ego, Snoop Lion. The man is 45 and I am convinced that he has seriously never stopped working ever since he came out the womb.


However, besides being quite literally a rap legend, Tupac’s former BFF, a TV personality host on 2 shows, and a marijuana business man, Snoop is also a celebrated actor. His roles don’t go too far from his actual persona (and why should they he is awesome) but that didn’t stop him from acting in a bunch of movies. I bet you didn’t even know he was in these 13, one of them even got a friggin’ Oscar!


13. Soul Plane

There was way too many actors to count on the 2004 comedy, Soul Plane. But Snoop Dogg plays one of the most important roles in the movie. He is the captain of the Soul Plane of course! Who could forget the scene where he gears up for take off the way any true O.G. would? Watch the clip below and try not to cry from laughter. Also, if you play close attention at the end, you’ll catch a nod from Snoop Dogg to his NWA tribe.